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Varieties & 2023 Pricing

We have seven varieties and 25,000 trees on our 33-acre farm.  Each species has its own distinctive qualities and fragrances.  With thousands to choose from, the perfect tree to grace your home this Christmas season is here on the farm!  A common complaint from our families has been there are too many beautiful trees to choose from.  So whether it is a tabletop tree or one as tall as 9 ft plus, allow plenty of time for the selection process. 


With the proper care, your fresh-cut tree should last throughout the entire Christmas season.  Click here for tips to maintain a healthy fresh tree. 


2023 Pricing Structure: 

ALL varieties of Moose Apple Field Trees will be $120. (PRE-TAG Only)


Precut Frasers from Southern Virginia:

Table Top Fraser            $35 

Precut Fraser 6-7’         $110

Precut Fraser 7-8’          $110

Precut Fraser 8-9’           $150

Precut Fraser 9-10’           $220

Precut Fraser 10-11’           $320

Precut Fraser 11-12’            $370


We will be taking orders for the Precut Frasers starting September 30. Orders will require full payment at order time. Pre-ordering is recommended for the larger Frasers. You can order the precut Frasers in person or by sending us an email. In the email specify what you want to order, your name, and your phone number. We will try to call each evening to get your credit card information.

The Circle of Life

With the help of many family members, we planted our 1st 9,000 seedings in the Spring of 2001, then planted another 7,000 2 years later.  With a lot of TLC from the whole family, most survived.  Trees that fell victim to dry weather, string trimmers, and deer were replanted  each Spring. We were excited to have families cut the  1st trees for Christmas of 2008.  Spring of 2008 we completed planting the final 10 acres with another 9,000 seedlings.

We are proud to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint & providing friendly habitat for the many furry & feathered critters who call Moose Apple Christmas Tree Farm "home".

In the 8 to 12 years it takes our trees to reach their optimum height, their branches are home to many species of birds.  Even though your tree is shaken after you cut it to remove any dead needles and debris, don't be surprised to find an abandoned nest that managed to hang on during the process!

Now each tree that is harvested for the Christmas Season is replanted with a baby seedling the following Spring.  This practice not only assures that generations to come will be able to carry on the tradition with their families, but it also continues to provide a safe haven for birds, bunnies & others!

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